EvaluateLocate is a spatial intelligence app which brings comparability and consistency to ranking the economic vitality and identity of every UK location.

The Index

The index is a ground-breaking analytical tool which for the first time enables direct economic comparison among every UK location by ascribing a rating to each.

Using more than a decade of pre-verified data sets, it is able to work from postcode granularity and can track the economic vitality performance of a neighbourhood, town, city, region or a bespoke area defined by you.

Created by JPES Partners, EvaluateLocate provides essential perspectives which support investment selection, the shaping of strategic policy, portfolio reporting and decision-making across a wide range of business sectors.

At the heart of EvaluateLocate is our Economic Vitality Index which is powered by a constantly updated series comprising millions of data points that are drawn from impeccable sources such as ONS, Land Registry, Companies House and Nomis.

By analysing economic and demographic metrics such as business density, earnings, residential values, population profile and employment, the index makes it possible to compare and contrast how locations and the business sectors they support are faring in a changed world.

Using EvaluateLocate

As the UK faces an unprecedented mix of economic challenges, Adam Kirby — who built the EvaluateLocate model — talks about why its data outputs provide valuable insights for a wide range of investors and operational businesses.


EvaluateLocate supports the following types of analysis but can also be used for bespoke criteria:

Location Tracker
Comparative analysis of a single or multiple locations which tracks their economic vitality on a quarterly, annual or specific time-series basis.  

Investment Selector
For real estate investors who are considering a number of UK assets for potential acquisition, this gives comparative analysis of each asset’s ‘economic temperature and direction of travel’. 

Portfolio Reporting
Predominantly for the owners of multiple real estate assets who wish to track the economic setting of their holdings in order to help inform long-term ‘hold/sell’ decision-making. 

Business Expansion Support
Analysis to support businesses which are successful in a particular economic environment and want to identify other locations across the UK with the same characteristics. 

Milestone Tracker
Evaluation of the effect on a location’s economic vitality of a specific event, investment or development. 


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